Guardian Investigation Group, Inc. is a professional organization comprised of uniquely qualified investigators having extensive experience in all types of investigations with a specialty in the field of fire cause determination. Collectively, Guardian personnel have over seventy years of law enforcement, investigation and fire service experience.  As members of the New York City Fire Department's Citywide Special Investigations Unit Major Incident Response Team (CWSIU/MIRT), these individuals were responsible for the direct supervision and investigative control of some of the highest profile fire investigations occurring within the City of New York.  Their demonstrated investigative expertise, case management proficiency and associated trial testimony resulted in a successful case clearance rate unequaled by any other fire investigative unit in the nation. The exploits of this unit were the focus of a Discovery Channel documentary entitled "ARSON: CLUES IN THE ASHES" which was first televised in June of 1996. The valuable expertise, work ethic, networking capabilities and commitment to excellence that was fundamental to the success of the CWSIU are now the foundation of the Guardian Investigation Group, Inc.

The Guardian Investigation Group concept is the progressive transition of carefully selected and accomplished police/fire investigative personnel into the private sector.  Our goal is to effectively utilize the divergent investigative expertise of our investigators by providing an integrated team response that conforms to the specific needs of the client, while maintaining an independence and objectivity essential for accurate and factual case development. Our investigative staff will furnish comprehensive, timely and cost effective investigative services to the insurance and legal industries with a specific emphasis on case analysis and subrogation path identification.  If required, pre-trial case assessment and expert testimony will be provided.  In conclusion, while it is a generally accepted precept that there can be no substitution for prior investigative experience, our personnel are encouraged to enhance their investigative abilities through a program of continuing education and familiarization with the latest technological advances in their areas of expertise.

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